Caduceus in The Salon

We have done several tastings with Maynard James Keenan but always at Silverlake Wine so when he said his winery, Caducues Cellars, was launching some very sophisticated Rosés, we thought it would be fun to create a dinner to pair them in a more formal setting. We began with a cocktail hour in our garden where we set up a rock n roll meets Arizona atmosphere to tip our glasses to Maynard’s day job and also the state where his wine is produced. Then guests made their way into The Salon for a dinner that continued our rose, peach, oxblood and black color palette. Both Maynard and Matt spoke to guests before each course to discuss how they were produced. After the final course, guests were invited out back again to finish off their wine and for another dessert to end this enchanting evening. Photos: Jennifer Emerling