Hudson Ranch at Silverlake Wine

Every Sunday Silverlake Wine Tasting is a ton of fun and the best bargain in Los Angeles offering up 4 courses of food and 5 flights of wine for $20. We cook for these tastings once every couple of months, usually joining in when an impressive wine maker is on board as well. On this particular Sunday we teamed up with Hudson Ranch in Napa and actually flew to the ranch a few days before to collect fresh eggs, produce and a baby pig donated by the ranch to cook for this tasting. Our friend Autumn de Wilde went with us to document this experience. It was the first any of us had witnessed a slaughter which was incredibly sobering and educational and reaffirmed to each of us our commitments to know where our meat comes from and how it is raised. Those in attendance of this event at Silverlake Wine got to taste the difference of a fresh pig that forages for it’s own food and is not subjected to hormones. Lee Hudson discussed why he began ranching and organic farming before he presented his renowned wines and then touched on the process of how he grows and ages his grapes. Featured in The Los Angeles Times, it was an unforgettable Sunday.